How We Can Help

  • We find the people you need with the skills you need, for as long as you need them be it for Business Process Alignment, Workshops, Analysis, Functional Specifications, Technical Specifications, Data Migration, Interfaces, Reporting – whatever you need to enable you to deliver that key project, large or small.
  • We keep close to our people, especially when they are delivering value to you
  • We specialise in business transformation and data management within the Oracle, NetSuite, SAP, Microsoft, Workday, Blockchain and AI spaces.
  • We are flexible in our approach across the board to help deliver your business solutions.
  • We understand compliance and standards.

Enterprise Digital Resources (EDR) is an experienced, reliable and passionate recruitment company, delivering high quality candidates straight into your business environment to ensure high end results exactly when you need them.

EDR is focused on the Big Challenges faced by enterprises as they develop and deliver on-premise and Cloud-based solutions to the key stakeholders in their organisations.

Recognising that no-one can have all of the skills needed all of the time, EDR’s experienced consultants are passionate about finding the most appropriate blend of business and IT digital transformation specialists to augment your in-house resource pool.

As the ‘race to embrace’ Cloud-based digital strategies speeds up, enterprises around the world realise that the use and application of data is no longer a question of competitive advantage – it is one of competitive survival.

The cutting edge distributed, client-server and ERP on-premise architectures of only a decade ago are increasingly perceived as Legacy systems, as the major suppliers of software scramble for dominance in Cloud Adoption.

But it is people that are at the heart of this revolution. The best individuals, the best teams, the best innovators, the best Digital Resources are: People.

Through our trusted network we will provide an adaptable and flexible workforce, whether working remotely or on site.

We recognise that moving forward in this market is as much knowing about what came before as it is about what the future holds. Critical functionality in existing systems has to be retained; knowledge bases protected; user acceptance vital. The move to mobile, hybrid, multi-level ERP, SaaS, PaaS or IaaS, AI driven data models and decision-support paradigms must be kept in context.