Enterprise Digital Resources (EDR) is an experienced, reliable and passionate recruitment company, delivering high quality candidates straight into your business environment to ensure high end results exactly when you need them.

The markets we serve

The digital revolution continues to develop at pace, with the next 2-3 years seeing the next phase of its evolution. More organisations, large and small, that operate on global and local levels in the public and private sector will embrace the likes of ‘Cloud Adoption’ and SaaS (Software-as-a-service).

With huge and established industry players including Oracle, Microsoft and SAP battling for supremacy in their ERP and CRM cloud offers, the market is likely to reach ‘fever pitch’, with businesses on course to make the most from it.

There are many more features of the cloud market that your business could be taking advantage of. Whether it’s mobile ERP, designed for the mobile user that can improve the organisational structure of your business by enhancing company mobility and efficiency, hybrid ERP to combine the best of traditional ERP with it’s more flexible and mobile cousin or two-tiered ERP that enables you to run two integrated systems simultaneously, you’ll need the very finest talent, and demand for the world’s best will be high.

We are therefore on hand to put you in pole position thanks to our experience of recruiting from within this community, where trust in the recruiter plays a vital role, and the knowledge that a combined experience of over 70 years brings. Consequently, we are best placed to source and secure the best technology transformation professionals for our clients.

As your business embarks on its exciting transformation journey, our historical awareness and connections with the traditional on-premise ERP communities throughout Europe and beyond ensures that we can help our clients find the right resources in the timescales required.

Your Team

We are committed to being an extension of your business, working closely with you to identify your needs and provide the results you desire.

David Fitzgerald

David is a well-known figure in the ERP, CRM and BI staffing and Executive Search industry. In a career spanning more than a decade, he has worked with organisations across a wide range of sectors and helped them to identify the very best Technology Business Transformation professionals available in the global market. David is available to discuss your recruitment challenges and how to solve them at any time.


Nicolas Baldacchino

In recent years, Nicolas has established himself as the pre-eminent recruitment practitioner for ERP, CRM and BI experts in France. Alongside this, he has built a reputation as a leading Oracle recruiter across the Pan-European marketplace, which has led to Nicolas being comfortable operating in French, Italian or English. Nicolas has assisted a variety of clients across a diverse range of sectors, both public and private, to identify the technology specialists that they require.


Giles Lancaster

Giles is a very experienced professional having excelled previously as a lawyer and more recently in the contract recruitment business. During the last six years, Giles’ speciality has been with clients carrying out major business transformation projects, looking to ensure that their business systems utilise the latest ERP, CRM and BI offerings in the global marketplace. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Giles if you would like to discuss your business transformation needs further.


James Parker

James has an unmatched track record in helping clients identify the best ERP professionals in Europe and beyond. In a career spanning more than two decades, he has successfully facilitated staff augmentation initiatives for a whole range of business transformation projects predominantly in the Oracle ERP and acquired technologies space but also on behalf of users and implementation partners in Microsoft Dynamics ERP and SAP. James previously built an Oracle EBS recruitment business from scratch before completing the sale of the company to one of Japan’s leading workforce solutions businesses.


Julie McCarthy

Julie spent her early career in end-user customer services with a global IT solutions provider, designing and delivering bespoke training solutions. She has been part of the ERP world for the last 15 years, providing specialist finance and systems knowledge in a fast-moving international recruitment environment. Now Finance Director at EDR, she has extensive experience of the client/consultant, financial, contractual and compliance-related processes across the International marketplace. People-focused, her goal is to deliver outstanding customer service to all stakeholders across EDR’s business platforms.