Contractors - EDR

EDR is exclusively focused on helping independent IT professionals in the Oracle, Microsoft and SAP business application communities.

We are always open, honest and comprehensive with the information we provide to you about the market place and the opportunities currently available within it. It is this personable, hands on approach that has helped hundreds of individuals in the past and will continue to do so moving forward.

As Cloud Adoption takes hold in the coming years and the digital revolution accelerates at an even faster pace, we recognise that there is a shifting demand in the market. At EDR, we see it as our role to help the independent technology community compete and align itself to embrace such significant change.

We are able to achieve this through our incredible market reach, which spans internationally, as well as our unrivalled access to clients at the cutting edge of this change. Our great breadth of clients across all areas and sectors ensures opportunities are always available, no matter what the skill-set.

Our team always operate with honesty and integrity which, alongside our historic achievements, has helped to establish and maintain our fantastic reputation.

Get in touch with our team via our Contact Page to discuss our client and contractors recruitment services in more detail or to put forward any questions you may have.